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Dream: Overcoming Rules from the Past

Abused children grow up with a lot of restrictions that don’t make sense. Sometimes they’re in the form of outright rules, as in “you’re not allowed to bring friends home” or “you can’t go out trick-or-treating on Halloween.” But many of the restrictions that are placed on us are more subtle. When we want to do something, we get disapproval, ridicule, lectures, and so forth. These rules work themselves into our brains and are tough to let go of, even when, as adults, we can see they don’t make sense.

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How to Interpret Animals in Dreams

Research shows that we dream of animals quite a bit. This is especially true of children, but we do that as adults as well. Each animal has special characteristics that can give you more information about what it represents in the dream (see the tip later in this post for some suggestions on how to determine that). In the body of this post, I want to talk about what animals in general might represent as there are some different schools of thought on this.

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The Most Important Dream Interpretation Tip I Can Give You

So the title of this post may sound hyperbolic, but I really do feel that there’s one tip about interpreting dreams that’s more important than any other. Dreams are more about who you are and less about what you do. And yet, they guide you on solving everyday problems. Sound like a paradox? It’s not when you realize that what you do is a reflection of who you are.

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Dream Interpretation: Gay People in Dreams

If you’re gay then it’s natural for you to dream of gay people because they’re part of your life. But even straight people dream occasionally of gays. Let’s set aside the times when a gay person represents a real person in your life. Symbolically, gays in dreams have something to tell us about the “male” and “female” within us*, as you’ll see from a dream I had with a lesbian.

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Dream Interpretation: Rejecting Help in Dreams

Helpers pop up all over the place in dreams. Sometimes we accept the help with gratitude. Or sometimes we accept it grudgingly. But at least if we accept it, we can move on. Problems happen when we reject the help because help in a dream is usually genuine. Let’s see how the dynamics of rejecting help in a dream work through a recent dream I had about cleaning my apartment.

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Dream Interpretation: Empowering Dreams

Dream research cited in the book Our Dreaming Mind by Robert van de Castle showed that taking the initiative in dreams translates to greater empowerment in real life. If you can understand what the situation is about, you can also understand how you are demonstrating or can demonstrate empowerment in it. Let’s take a look at two empowerment dreams I had recently to see how this happens.

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Foreign Countries in Dreams

Dreams take us all over the world. Dreaming that you’re in a foreign country isn’t trivial. As a general rule, a foreign country means that you’re exploring things you haven’t explored before. They represent something new for you to learn. There are various things to look at when interpreting what the foreign country represents in your dream (I’ve mentioned some in the tip box). In the body of this post, I want to focus on just one thing: language.

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Dream People as Obstacles

In the course of a dream, you’ll often find yourself moving from one place to another and/or other dream characters will be moving around. That sets up the potential for a very important dream experience–being blocked or blocking others. These represent obstacles to your understanding and progress. Let’s examine three dream fragments I had from three nights in a row, all involving this kind of blocked activity, so that you can see how these dream characters can help you.

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Facing Nightmares Is Not Always About Courage

A short while ago, I shared a link on my Facebook page to an article by renowned dreamworker Robert Moss called “Don’t Flee the Dream Scene.” In this blog post, he writes about dealing with nightmares through a technique he calls dream reentry. I have a lot of respect for Moss, and dream reentry can be a great technique for working with some dream images. But not necessarily with nightmares. In fact, under certain circumstances, reentering a nightmare can be a really bad idea.

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Dream Interpretation: Masculine and Feminine in the 1920s

Dreams are fluid with time. That means you’ll probably occasionally have a dream that takes place in a decade or year in the past. Dreams that take place in some past time are likely telling you something about some past issue that’s interfering with your life right now. In order to figure out what the time period in the dream is telling you, you need to consider a couple of things. Let me show you what I mean through the interpretation of a dream I had that took place in the 1920s.

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Dream Interpretation: The Snake on the Bus

We dream of snakes surprisingly often. This is even more surprising when you think that most of us don’t normally come into everyday contact with snakes. The snake has a rich symbolic history. It was associated with the Goddess and healing before it became a symbol of evil in Christianity. Because most of us dream of a snake at one time or another in our lives, I want to explore its meaning through a dream I had a few years ago.

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Dream Interpretation: The Divorced Couple

Sometimes, a situation in a dream doesn’t make sense. A dream character will say or do something, and it’s not clear from a logical standpoint why they’re saying or doing it. In such cases, it can help to think of the situation as if it were a real-life scenario. Let me demonstrate how this works with a dream I had where an ex-wife wants to get her husband back.

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