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Memories of Holidays with My Family

When I think of the holidays with my family, I get a mixture of nostalgia and horror. There were certainly good times, but there was also torture of a special kind. In general, I hated family holidays and am happy not to have to endure them anymore. During the holidays, you’d think people were more relaxed, but in abusive families, holidays are often a time of greater stress.

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Winning the Firepole Marketing Lifetime Access Contest

I’ve entered plenty of contests in my life, but I never won one. Until now. It’s a weird, wonderful, and scary feeling. This contest didn’t just have some nice little prize that I never would have bothered with if I’d had to pay money for it. This is an incredible prize that demands respect and commitment.

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What Stevie Nicks Has Done for Me

I’ve been a fan of Stevie Nicks since I was 13. I listened to her albums daily throughout my teen years and my 20s. When I went no contact with my family, I left behind Stevie’s CDs and basically stopped listening to music altogether. When I began healing from my abusive past in 2008, Stevie started appearing in my dreams. I learned that she represented the Strong Woman within me who could help me work through my painful past and eventually find the courage to give what I had to give to the world.

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