The other night I dreamed that there was a strong wind. Wind in a dream can show that something major is happening in your life. It can represent change and the force of life that moves us forward, whether we want it to or not! Let’s see an example of how wind in a dream can help you understand your reaction to some change in your life by interpreting my dream.

The Dream

I’m in a classroom, possibly at a retreat in the country. Suddenly it starts getting very windy outside (though there is no sign of a storm). Someone had closed the windows, but another person, at the teacher’s instructions, goes to open one a little bit. This lets in a lot of wind. Suddenly I notice how the wall on my left and the wall in front of me are moving with the wind. They seem to change shape and come closer to me. This scares me. I think the building is unstable and will be knocked down by the wind.

The Dream Interpretation

I’m in a place of learning in this dream. My main focus for a while now has been my business, which is the issue the dream is about. The wind begins suddenly, which in this case is because of an action I took that signaled a major change in my business.

At the beginning of the dream, the windows had been closed. A window can show an opportunity for seeing into some issue. By doing what I did, I opened up the opportunity to insight into some aspect of my business.

Once the windows are open, the wind blows hard inside the classroom. Let’s explore some possible meanings for this wind. It can be represent change (as in the winds of change). The wind can also represent the rhythm of the Universe or the rhythm of life. It moves things around. Finally, wind is associated with air, which represents the mind (including thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and attitudes). A change in a situation or in circumstances is an opportunity for making a change in how you think or see the world or yourself that could lead to growth and a happier life. In my experience, it’s this level of change that most dreams deal with.


Whenever you dream of wind, I encourage you to see it as a positive thing. This becomes especially important when the wind in a dream is fierce. For instance, many people dream of hurricanes or tornadoes and find them very disturbing. I like to remind them that destruction isn’t always negative. Sometimes we need to destroy something destructive in order to be free of it. Rebirth also requires destruction.

If the wind in a dream is destructive, take it as a positive sign. Destruction of the old, what we thought was safe or what was familiar, is never easy, but it’s a powerful way to make our lives better. Think about what’s being destroyed in your life or needs to be destroyed. Look for the growth in this.

The wind in my dream causes the shape of the building to shift. We can see this as indicating a change in some structure of the mind such as my thoughts, beliefs, or worldview. In this case, I’m learning to take a different attitude regarding my business.

The nature of this change in structure is interesting. Notice that walls get closer. Walls can represent obstacles or blocks. They block our view from what’s beyond the place we’re in. They also defend us from bad weather, so walls can represent defenses. Having these walls come closer to me because of the wind shows that the change in my business has brought obstacles or blocks closer to realization. This is a positive thing because then I can deal with them.

My reaction to all of this is anxiety. I’m afraid the building is going to be destroyed by this wind. But notice that in spite of the strong wind, there is no storm outside. A storm implies something destructive, but since that’s not happening, my fear of destruction is unfounded.

A medieval traveler walking on a windy road

“Vento Orientale [East Wind]” from a Taccuino Sanitatis, a 14th century book with tips for health and well-being.

This entire dream was a reflection of how I really felt after having made decisions about the dream interpretation services I can offer people (this is the action I took to trigger the wind of change). I spent a lot of time working out what I feel comfortable with and what will benefit others at the same time. This marked a change in my approach to my business.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my dream interpretation business isn’t the first time I’ve tried to give the world what I have to give. I’ve struggled to really figure this out, and part of that is leftovers from my abusive childhood that made it difficult for me to believe I even had anything to give. I’ve never felt so confident before about what I have to offer, and this is a new feeling for me. It scared me because the illusion that I have nothing to give to the world is being demolished.

Wind in dreams can appear pleasant, such as a gentle breeze, which may mean that the change is happening gradually and doesn’t cause you anxiety. However, wind that causes anxiety, such as in a storm, hurricane, or tornado, is more common. See this kind of wind in a dream is helping you face that anxiety and see through it to the growth opportunity.

Added August 1, 2014: The symbol of wind appears to be rather popular in dreams, so I wanted to add another symbolic meaning that goes along with the meaning of change.

Wind can also represent strong emotion. As a general rule, the stronger the wind, the stronger the emotion. This goes along with the meaning of change because change often causes an emotional reaction.

As in any dream, the emotions associated with it can give you a clue as to what emotions these are and how they’re affecting you. Lack of anxiety in a wind dream can show that you’re dealing well with the emotions. Anxiety caused by wind in a dream is helping you acknowledge it, which will help it go away. Note that we’re not always aware of our emotional reactions, so the dream may be showing delayed emotional processing.

In any case, the wind is a positive sign because it shows emotions have been released. That means you have renewed energy to make a change or deal with a change in your life.