Because I write about dreams and dreaming, people often ask me in a blog comment or via my contact form to interpret one of their dreams. In the past, I’ve done this, which is why you might sometimes see past comments from me with suggestions about a dream’s meaning.

However, I’ve since changed my mind about this. I appreciate how confusing a dream can be and, if it’s puzzling or disturbing, how much you want to understand it, but I much prefer now to guide people on learning to interpret their own dreams. This way, you interact with the dream and learn your own dream language, which I know you’ll find fascinating!

In the near future, I’ll be launching a dreamwork website with dream interpretation guidance. To hear about when it’s up, please follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or sign up for email updates to my blog (the form is in the sidebar on the right). I know you’ll love the site. 🙂